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Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter, Gavin Lee is a Country Artist characterized by his down-home, hardworking, blue-collar persona, coupled with a genuine heart and endearing smile.  Gavin has garnered a welcoming grassroots following.  His true-grit sound is influenced by 90s country artists.  The self-taught guitarist, and traditional country recording artist is dedicated to follow the same footprint of tradition.  “I try to make my music relatable, to the everyday working man.” “ That is my ultimate goal for my music.” 

The Singer/songwriter has recorded and released nine singles (Old Chevy, Gone Fishin’, Dixie Dreamin’, Millionaire in Mexico, Friend with A Beer, American Crazy (went to 75 on Music Row Charts), Beginning of Me, All You Gotta Do Is Dance (went to No 7 on the UK charts and 80 on Music row charts), I Know My Way Around This Town and his recently released Redneckin’.  He has also been recently chosen as an Ambassador to PickleJar Live, and is a member of the Texas Country Music Association.




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