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Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter, Gavin Lee is a Country Artist characterized by his down-home, hardworking, blue-collar persona, coupled with a genuine heart and endearing smile.  Gavin has garnered a welcoming grassroots following.  His true-grit sound is influenced by 90s country artists.  The self-taught guitarist and traditional country recording artist is dedicated to following the same footprint of tradition.  “I try to make my music relatable, to the everyday working man.” “ That is my ultimate goal for my music.” 

The singer-songwriter has recorded and released numerous singles (Old Chevy, Gone Fishin’, Dixie Dreamin’, Millionaire in Mexico, Friend with A Beer, American Crazy (went to 75 on Music Row Charts), Beginning of Me, All You Gotta Do Is Dance (went to No 7 on the UK charts and 80 on Music row charts). His most recent releases, I Know My Way Around This Town and Redneckin’  have caught the attention of the industry’s heavy-hitters.

Gavin is a member of  The Texas Country Music Association and will begin playing shows in Texas and throughout the U.S.

Gavin Lee is in the studio working on a 4 song EP that will be released summer of 2024.   The new music will feature his traditional country sound with steel guitar and fiddle.  Gavin is excited to share the EP with his fans across the world!




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